Cake Flavors & Fillings

New Premier Cakes

Now you can mix and match from the various flavors, icings, and fillings to create your own personal favorite cake!

Cakes are baked fresh by order; please allow a 2 day notice. We may be able to accommodate your order in 1 day or overnight only on some occasions depending on availability of ingredients or staff.


Serve 10 - 123-layer 8" round$41.00
Serve 12 - 152-layer 9"x12" / 10 in round 3 layer is $58$51.00
Serve 12 - 152-D 1 layer shaped pan cake$51.00
Serve 20 - 252-layer 11"x15" or 3-layer( 12" round 3 layer is$75)$65.00
Serve 30 - 402-layer 12"x18" or 3-layer (14" round is $85)$81.00

Cake Flavors

TRADITIONALPREMIER (add $6 for 8in, $9 for larger)
White*Carrot (nuts, coconut, raisins)
Yellow*Strawberry shortcake (whipped cream)
French vanilla*Between layers, nothing on side
Fudge marble*Yellow w/Hershey bar chopped
Devil's food*Reese's pieces OR Heath bar crunch
Dark chocolate*Blue velvet
Strawberry*Butterbeer( butterscotch flavor)
Orange*Italian crème (w/coconut, heavy cake)
Lemon*Pound (not good stackable)
Banana*Cookies and cream
Spice*Watergate (pistachio flavor)
Peanut butter*Pineapple upside down
Red Velvet


  • 8 inch 3-layer cakes need to be the same flavor
  • 2 or 3 layer cakes over $47.00 may have 2 flavors
  • Sugarfree available in yellow and chocolate - additional charge
  • Eggless available in chocolate only
  • Flourless available in a round 9" torte only.(rasp. sauce is extra)
  • Gluten free yellow or chocolate - additional charge
  • fresh fruit is $10 more for 8 in. cake and priced accordingly for larger cakes


*NOTE: Cream cheese and real buttercream are now an extra charge.

  • Fondant (a rolled icing giving an elegant look; has buttercream underneath) - additional charge
  • Regular Buttercream (p. sugar and shortening)
  • Real Buttercream (ivory color-butter,almond flavored)
  • Chocolate
  • Cream Cheese
  • Whipped Cream*
  • Boiled icing (fluffy, not sweet)* - good for angel food (must be eaten same day)
  • Ganache (whipping cream and chocolate; a thick poured icing)*
  • Real buttercream, whipped cream, and cream cheese need refrigeration!!

*NOTE: Limited to decorating with a border and simple flowers, writing.


*NOTE: Cream cheese and real buttercream are now an extra charge.

  • Fudgy icing
  • Whipped cream**
  • Raspberry jam**
  • Strawberry jam**
  • Bananas, fresh strawberries in season** - additional charge
  • Lemon, chocolate, vanilla puddings**
  • Strawberry, raspberry, chocolate, hazelnut mousse**
  • Regular icings as listed above may be used as fillings.
  • Real buttercream,whipped cream, mousse and cream cheese need refrigeration!!

**CAREFUL! Some fillings below may slide in hot weather or during long travel!

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