Valentine’s Day Specials

When just any flour won't do......chose from our many Valentine's Day options. You may choose from our gallery options or mix and match chocolates and cookies to make your own unique gift or basket.

Heart Shaped Cookies

Cookies are $2.50 ea.

Decorated Cookies

Cookies are $3.00 ea.

Chocolate Dipped Pretzels and Oreas

Pretzels: $2 each. Oreos $1.25 each

Love Sugar Cookies in Cellophane

$8.50 ea.

XOXO Cookies in Cellophane

$8.50 box

Love Sugar Cookies in Box

$10.50 ea

Iced Sugar Cookies

$3.00 ea

3 layer cake w/fondant

Feeds 10-12 $65.00

Choose any flavor and message

Smallest rectangular 9x13

Milk, Dark, White and Sugar-Free

Vary from $1.75-$2.50 ea.

Chocolate chip cookie cake (8in)

Sizes from 8 in-14 in.

Mini chocolate chip cookie cakes

$5.50 for small

Raspberry Swirl Cheesecake

Mini cake $5.50 / lg. $24.50

Vase or Rose box Collections

1 Doz. choc chip cookies


1 doz. scan sugar cookies

Available in round or heart shape $37.99

Mix of choc. chip, scan sugar


1 doz. scan sugar in vase


Choc. chip, scan sugar mix


2 in. scan sugar


Cookie bouquet


Cookie bouquet


Cookie bouquet


Choc. chip cookie/brownie mix


Variety of cupcakes (small)


1 doz. Oreos or Strawberries

Oreos $15.00/Doz. | Strawberries $1.75-$2.50ea

Heart shaped chocolates

Call for prices

Candy bouquet

$25 and up

Candy cake


Chocolate Shoe

Alone $20.00 | With Chocolate Hearts $25.00

Candy Cake


Large Cookies

$5.50 each

Large Perfume Bottle


Small Perfume Bottle


Mini Tiered with Red Ganache

4 inch and 6 inch $55.00

Pink Fondant w/Chocolate Ganache

Call for Prices

Tiered Cake

Call for Prices

Valentine's Day Cookies

$2.50 each


Flower Sculpture

$15.00 (air filled)


Large $25 | $15.00 (air filled) (mini)

Smiley Balloon Guy


Red & Gold Hearts


Valentine's Day Column


Crescent Moon Sculpture


Sitting Emoji Bouquet


Pink Hearts


You Are My Heart Bouquet

$21.95 (Foils May Vary)

Red & White Valentine Bouquet

$21.95 (Foils May Vary)

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