Christmas Cookies & Specialties

Order cookies by the dozen or get a variety by picking a few of your favorites!

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2 Inch Scan Sugar Cookies

$13.00/ dozen 2 Inch Sugar Cookies (Various Christmas Designs Printed On)

Apricot Bar

$2.50 Each Apricot Bar

Buried Cherry Cookie

$13.00 / dozen Buried Cherry Cookie (Chocolate cookie with cherry inside, chocolate icing)

Candy Cane

$13.00 / dozen Candy Cane (Red dough with white stripe in icing)

Cappuccino Flats

$13.00 / dozen Cappuccino Flats (coffee flavored cookie dipped in chocolate)

Cookie Tree

$65.00 Cookie Tree

Cut-out Sugar Cookies

$13.00/doz.  Cut-out Sugar Cookies (Traditional Shapes with colored sugars)

Red Velvet Cookies

$13.00/doz. (rolled in powdered sugar)

Giant Sugar Cookies

$6.00 Each - Giant Sugar Cookies (In shapes of Santa, Angel or snowmen)

Hungarian Apricot

$13.00/doz. Hungarian Apricot (Rolled with  paste)

Hungarian Nut

$13.00/doz Hungarian Nut (Rolled with nut paste)

Large Hungarian Nut Rolls

$12.95 Each Large Nut Rolls

Hungarian Poppy

$13.00/doz. Hungarian Poppy

Large Gingerbread Men

$4.50 Each - Gingerbread Men (4 inches high)

Linzer Cookies

$15.00 / dozen Linzer Cookies (2 Cookies with Jam Between)

Orange Cookie

$13.00/ Dozen Orange Cookie (soft cookie with orange icing)

Maple Yule Logs

$13.00/ Dozen Maple Yule Logs (Oblong cookies with maple frosting)

Peanut Butter Blossom

$13.00/ doz. Peanut Butter Blossom (Chewy Cookie with Hershey Kiss)

Pecan Tassies

$15.00 / dozen Pecan Tassies (Mini Muffin size with taste like pecan pie)

Peppermint kiss

$13.00 / dozen light dough with a peppermint kiss

Petit Fours

$3.00 Each - Petit Fours (Cake layered with chocolate)

Reese Cup Cookie

$13.00 / dozen Reese Cup Cookie (Peanut Butter flavor with mini cup in center)

Rum Balls

$15.00/ dozen Rum Balls (Round Cookie with sprinkles-rum flavor)

Santa surprise

$13.00/ dozen Santa Surprise (Peanut flavor filled with a piece of candy bar)

Shaped Cakes

$51.00 Each - Shaped Cakes (In shapes of Santa, Tree, or Gingerbread man)

Small Gingerbread Men

$13.00/doz. Small Gingerbread Men (Petite Version)

Snicker Doodles

$13.00/ doz (Crisp Cinnamon Flavor)

Snowflake Cookie

$3.00 Each - Snowflake Cookie (Hand Decorated with icing)


$2.50 Each - Snowmen (Marshmallow top, coconut bottom)


$13.00 / dozen Spritz ( multicolored light cookies made with cookies press)

Thumbprint Cookies

$13.00 / dozen Thumbprint Cookies (Rolled in sugar, filled with icing or jam)

Tricolor cookie

$13.00/doz. Vanilla Finger (Sugar cookie 1/2 dipped in chocolate with jimmies)

Vanilla Finger

$13.00/doz. Vanilla Finger (Sugar cookie 1/2 dipped in chocolate with jimmies)

Cookie trays available

price per doz same as listed Plus $2 extra for the tray

Wedding Cookies

$13.00 / dozen (Round cookies/nut dipped in sugar)


$13.00/ dozen Wreath (Sugar Cookie, 2 color rope in shape)

Chocolate Yule Log

$35.00 Each - Chocolate or Vanilla Yule Log ( cake filled with white icing and chocolate or white icing on top)

Vanilla Yule Log

$35.00 Each - Vanilla Yule Log ( cake filled with white icing and chocolate or white icing on top)

Chocolate Yule Log

$13.00 / dozen

Chocolate Frosted Marshmallow Cookies

$13.00 / dozen

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